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NFL PLAYERS MUST SHOW Respect for Our National Anthem and Flag

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When I heard a U.S. Military veteran state that an NFL football player makes more in one game than the military veteran made in four years serving in Iraq, I had to start this petition!  It is disgusting that we would permit our National Football League Players to dishonor our U.S. Flag and National Anthem by their refusal to stand when the Anthem is sung before games.  These NFL players are living their dreams and making millions of dollars on a superficial football field while our Military men and women are playing on a REAL BATTLEFIELD, often giving their lives or coming home physically and mentally disabled.  They do this to preserve freedom for all U.S. citizens, which includes the minorities for which these NFL players seem to be taking a stand.  Our athletes should be role models for our youth--Standing and Honoring our Flag and Anthem is their duty.  Using their NFL positions to advance personal agendas or "freedom of speech" should not be permitted.  These NFL players are made into heroes, get more attention/admiration, money, and stardom than our Military men/women who are willing to DIE for their country (that's a topic for a separate petition).  The NFL Commission should give its players a hard dose of reality: that is, they are living a personal dream made possible by the freedoms symbolized in our Flag and Anthem and protected by our Military men and women.  NFL Commissioner..take more of a stand than just stating your verbal disagreement with their behaviors. Stop these acts of self-indulgent, self-centered, and self-aggrandizing behaviors exhibited by some of your NFL players by instituting fines, sanctions, or suspensions for those who refuse to honor our Anthem and Flag. 

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