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NFL commissioner to suspend any player not wishing to stand for the National Anthem.

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I understand that it is their Right as American citizens not to stand for the National Anthem as a peaceful protest. But because it is their Right as a resident or citizen of this country does not mean it's not disrespectful, distasteful and sickening. A lot of soldiers died protecting to protect the flag that the anthem was written about. The flag resembles so much more than a country. It represents the blood sweat and tears of soldiers, of the lives lost protecting the symbol that drapes their coffins. Our flag has inspired us so many times, not just soldiers but every day American citizens and people abroad who dream of the American dream. The raising of the flag in my era that meant so much to me was seeing our great flag waving on ground zero. Before that so many times in so many wars. It use to be customary during battles for a soldier to carry a flag into battle and if he fell the man behind him would pick it up. Instead of allowing such disrespect to our nation which most would agree needs so much work we ask you to hold it to the same standard as somebody yelling racial slurs (which inremind you freedom of speech is a right in this country though I strongly disagree and feel doing so is so disrespectful.) Instead may we urge you to push these NFL players to use their fame to hold that flag high, to march with it to local state and federal Government. To tell them they had enough and to tell them it's time for change. If this blatant disrespect continues I and everybody whom signs this petition agree to stop watching and attending games. I will also be forwarding this petition to every sponsor of the NFL network, NFL games. We the people will stop purchasing anything pertaining to the NFL and if not remedied we the people of this great country will pick up a flag and march to every stadium and peacefully sing our anthem. We are mad. We are angry. Please let us have our football back cuz soccer just isn't as fun.

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