NFL Teams: Pay Your Cheerleaders A Living Wage

NFL Teams: Pay Your Cheerleaders A Living Wage

December 29, 2013
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Started by Diane Todd

NFL Cheerleaders are one of the most recognizable mainstays of the sport, rooting on their teams in extreme weather and performing routines for millions of fans. But while NFL Cheerleaders bring in as much as $1 million dollars each season for their teams in merchandising and promotions, many get paid as little as $150 per game.

In fact, while NFL Cheerleaders do have some opportunities for outside appearances, many of these skilled athletes make less than $1000 per year. Comparatively, an NFL Mascot can make as much as $65,000 per season; and while some NFL teams have recently moved in the direction of paying Cheerleaders minimum wage ($9 per hour), the NFL pays Concession Stand Workers $12-$18 per hour.

NFL Cheerleaders spend countless hours at practice each week, perfecting their routines, but most aren’t paid for any of it. Being an NFL cheerleader isn’t a hobby; for many, it’s their dream come true. The selection process for the few slots on each squad is highly competitive and each member is required to have highly specialized dance and athletic skills.

It’s time for NFL teams to step up and start paying cheerleaders a “living wage”.

Please join me, Paula Abdul, and numerous other great supporters, in asking the 26 NFL teams that have cheerleading squads to commit to paying their Cheerleaders a living wage for the work they do contribute to their respective franchises and the National Football League as a whole.

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This petition had 180,533 supporters

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