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Greater Concussion Prevention in the NFL

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How would you feel if your go-to sports league was a total lie? Not only is the National Football League lying to you, the fans, but they’re also lying to the players themselves. In 2013, retired professional players accused league officials of concealing the prevalence of concussions in the NFL. As a result, the NFL agreed to pay a $765 million settlement. However, this settlement does not make up for the damage that a concussion entails.

For example, Mike Webster, member of the professional Football Hall of Fame who knew extensively about the trauma he personally experienced due to concussions, once went a full six seasons playing every single offensive play. It wasn’t until he was later examined that his doctor inquired if he’s ever been in a car accident. His response? Webster stated to the doctor “about 25,000 times or so.”

It’s not the team doctor’s job to inquire about potential injuries. The players should be obligated to report traumatic hits. Even if the players don’t report it for a day or two; it’s better late than never. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE, can only be detected after a player’s death, so in order to prevent life threatening disorders that result from concussions, such as Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, we believe league neurologists should conduct monthly concussion testing. The Competition Committee, members who hold the power to implement new rules, meet once a year before the National Combine. However, the 2017 meeting has already passed, so over the course of a year, we can gather enough people in order to enact change.

The fans of the NFL are the largest group that can have the loudest voice for change. As supporters of the league, we cannot allow officials to continue to mask potential head injuries. Concussions are exponentially increasing as awareness develops, but players are not responding with retirement as a result of their trauma. Often times, players will play through head injuries because football is their source of income. They do not acknowledge the consequences that a long-term injury brings about.

In order for this campaign to be successful, we need your support for the rules that will be implemented for the 2018-2019 season. If you spend your Sundays watching football, you owe it to the players to share this petition on all forms of social media in order to spread awareness. Add your name to the fans who have already spoken up.


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