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Dear Roger Goodell

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Mr. Roger Goodell,

I'm sure you've noticed the protestors who are protesting your organization solely based on wether or not Colin Kaepernick can secure a position, as quarterback, within the NFL. Well, we wanted to make sure you're also aware of another group of protestors who's problem with your organization goes far beyond one man getting a job. In fact, there are those of us who hope, if you did decide to hire him, he would decline the offer.

While your organization isn't directly responsible for the senseless murders of unarmed people of color in the United States, you have recently used your organization to cosign the horror by pretending the problem doesn't exist. This is very alarming, considering the FBI report which points to the issue of American law enforcement agencies being infiltrated by White Supremacist groups (which I'm sure your organization is aware of). I cannot begin to explain to you how frustrating it has been to watch, and listen, to the Leagues apparatus (sports radio host, and associates of the NFL) spend so much time dragging Kaepernick's name through the mud, but never take the time to honestly discuss the issue which caused the protest in the first place. They invested so much time attacking Kaepernick personally, and making sad attempts to impugn his character, they failed to realize how obvious it was; it was not Kaepernick they were attacking at all, it was the issue itself that he drew attention to, they were attacking. If it were Kaepernick, as a  Quarterback, they were really talking about, how could they, as sports professionals, not mention the fact, he's one of the highest rated QB's in the league, who was unfortunate to be on one of the worst teams in the league. I can guarantee you, had that been Tom Brady, everyone on the team, and their children, would've been the blame except him. But no, because these attacks actually had nothing to do with football. These were personal attacks about the subject he brought attention to.

The irony is, a few years ago, FBI Director, James Comey, gave a speech (titled, Hard Truths) where he not only acknowledged current day problems with law enforcement unfairly targeting people of color, but the long history of it. So when listening to the long list of sports personalities belittle the conversation as though it shouldn't even exist, one can't help but wonder....if the FBI Director of the United States can acknowledge the existence of this problem, who are these sports personalities to cloud the conversation in constant conversation about all of the good cops, and only a few bad apples. This is obviously a deflect strategy. One has to assume, before they would speak to their broad audience on such an important topic, they'd do some research. Particularly if they're going to constantly attack the messenger (Colin Kaepernick). This means, they're aware the problem is real, but they're complicit in playing their part in protecting the police state, even in situations when they're obviously in the wrong. Even in the Michael Bennet situation, sports radio show host were desperately clinging to any excuse the Las Vegas police could offer, just so they could pretend the actions of the Las Vegas police wasn't highly suspicious, at best.

During game time, everything seems like it's all about enjoying the sport, and fun times, but outside of the games, it feels like the NFL (and it's apparatus) is hostile towards the Black community, and our plight to seek justice. When you use your organization to solidify, or perpetuate, this problem, it's like a direct assault on the black community. I've heard many professionals within sports say, Kaepernick shouldn't bring his politics on the field. This is blatant hypocrisy because the moment the NFL struck a deal with the government to promote the U.S. military, it brought politics on every professional football field in America.

We demand the following:

Currently, your organization is receiving millions of tax payers dollars, paid to you by the Pentagon, in exchange for time on the field before each game to perform the National Anthem. This petition demands that you either, no longer allow the National Anthem to be played ,or, you cease from  accepting taxpayers dollars from the US government, and allow the national anthem to be played (and performed) free of charge. If you are true Patriots at the NFL organization, you must realize, true Patriotism has no price tag.

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