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Boycott NFL over kneeling for the National Anthem

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We, the American People, find it absolutely abhorrent that you will allow NFL players to kneel during the National Anthem.  It is completely disrespectful to the Men and Women that have served this country (military, politics, fire and police, volunteer...) and given you the opportunity to make millions of dollars.  We have to get past the "Black versus White" issues of the past that were revitalized in the last 9 years and get back to reality that we are all Americans first!  Having an opinion is perfectly acceptable and you have the right to express it under the First Amendment.  However, your opinion needs to be on your own time, not when you have a platform, that you ARE NOT paying for, in front of millions of people.  We come to watch the NFL for entertainment and to have community pride.  These players who have decided to "take a knee" do NOT make us proud of our community.  Therefore, all those that have signed this petition will no longer attend NFL games, watch NFL games on television or purchase NFL merchandise until all players show respect for this country.  If it is the teams choice to have them stay in the locker room during the National Anthem, so be it but they should no longer be given a national stage to disrespect the USA.

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