Allow support for Birth!

Allow support for Birth!

30 April 2021
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Roger Cook, Minister for Health and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amber Kevill

What do we want?
Rights for birthing families.
When do we want them?

The covid pandamic has seen many lockdowns and restrictions come and go but one that has stayed in Perth is restrictions on support people attending births and it simply isn't good enough. We have 45,000 people in a stadium and at the same time mothers are completely alone at the most important time of their lives. A day that is sometimes planned for years, can cost more than a wedding and can not be rescheduled. Partners are being left outside until active labour then told to go home within an hour of the birth. No siblings getting to meet. Some women choosing between their husband/partner or their own mother to support them.


We have seen these restrictions on birthing women (people) and essential workers and visitors remain in place long after restrictions have eased and mass gatherings have taken place.

Mark McGowan keeps telling us to use “common sense” when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions, but common sense seems to be quite selective under the circumstances.

With postpartum depression and trauma on the rise, we need to do more. 

We want to see the government bring in policy to protect support people attending births and on postpartum wards not just now but for any future lockdowns.

Professional support such as privately practising midwives, doulas and photographers are an essential part of the couples birth team and should not be considered “visitors.”

We also want the government to do more to address the dramatic rise in homebirth requests that cannot be met.
Increase medicare funding for private midwives.
Further support their training and requirements and adding to the CMP government funded homebirth midwife program or making it easier to access.

Edit update- Channel 7 is running a story to bring attention to this 6pm Saturday 1st May

#makeitmakesense campain by Jessie from The Bright Birth Co

Photo from The Birth Space

Thank you to Vicki Hobbs from Back to Basics Birthing for helping to write some of this.

Thank you so much for signing and raising awareness as so many people don't know this has been happening. Every name helps.


Hartley's Meadow Doula Services 

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Signatures: 9,672Next goal: 10,000
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