Petition Closed

Our basketball team has worked very hard to make it to the State Championships and have been disqualified due to a clerical error that was not our fault.  We have played our hearts out, kept our grades collectively above a 3.3 average (earning the NCS scholar athlete certificate) and dedicated our lives to basketball and this program. There is no clear CIF rule that would keep us from competing in the State Open Division Tournament. CIF has the latitude to let us play.

We need your help. Please sign our petition and help us get permission to play.

We understand our school's decision to stand by the NCS ruling. Yet it is our decision to follow what our school has taught us - to stand up and fight for injustice, to always do the right thing and to fight for what we believe in. This was not our error and this penalty does not fit the mistake. It is a crushing blow to a group of innocent, hard working girls - we want to represent our school and the values the school has instilled in us. We have a right to participate and play in the seat we have won with hard work, blood, sweat and tears. 

Thank you for your support!

Letter to
State Senator Ellen Corbett
CIF Executive Director Roger Blake
CIF State Brian Seymour
and 5 others
CIF Northern Section Elizabeth Kyle
CIF San Francisco Section Donald Collins
CIF Oakland Section Russell White
North Coast Section Gil Lemmon
Sac-Joaquin Section Pete Sacco
Let the O'dowd Women's Basketball team compete in the State Championships. These girls are innocent bystanders in a clerical mistake and deserve the chance to defend their title. Don't let a technicality dash these girls' dreams.