roe v wade is getting overturned by the U​.​S supreme court

roe v wade is getting overturned by the U​.​S supreme court

12 May 2022
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  • what is roe v wade?

    roe v. wade was a supreme court case in 1973 that ruled that the US constitution protects the right to choose to have an abortion without excessive government regulation.nearly fifty years later,there's a likelihood that this protection will not exist.

  • what happened?

    a  leaked draft just confirmed that the supreme court voted to overturn roe v wade the draft,written by justice alito,was obtained and released by politico.the supreme court confirmed the validity of this document.

  • what does this mean?

    this means that all federal abortion protections be gone as early as this JUNE.the overturning of roe v wade will leave abortions right upto individual states.23 states are estimated to outlaw abortions,while many more will restrict it.this will only ban safe abortions.the world health care organization concluded that unsafe abortions cause about 68,000 deaths worldwide each year.if roe v wade is reversed these numbers will skyrocket.this isnt about being pro life or even protecting is purely about controlling women.

  • we need to act NOW

    because this is a draft,the supreme court could potentially change their decision.this is urgent,and we need to act now.if we can show that america is opposed to this there's a chance that the supreme court will keep roe v wade.even if they dont we need to protect abortion and give access to those who need it.


  • donate to local abortion funds

  • use your voice,start protests

  • spread awareness about this and talk about the significance of roe v wade.


    this has nothing to do with protecting life but controlling women autonomy,we will not stop fighting for roe v wade,there are multiple reasons as to why the mother PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY cant deliver the baby,financial issues,Is a 13 year old who gets r@ped and has no choice with her body,or even if a 25 year old woman doesnt want to give birth,its always her choice,women do not exist just to raise the population,but theyre humans.

    please,speak up about this,women are 50% of the population the reason both you and I are existing right now.why is it that us normal humans have to fight to live? to all the pro-life people reading this,I will tell you this,you arent being pro-life but being controlling,a woman's body is not a toy and an object which u can force to do whatever u want to do with is not a baby until it comes out,think of the pain your mom went through 9 months keeping you in,and a watermelon slicing out of your genital which is the size of a penny,if she doesnt want to go through all that? is it that hard for every one of you to support it? aborting a fetus is not m!rder but forcing the mom to go through labor IS.the only thing we ask all of you is to let us live the same way you do.being pro-choice is the right thing.make your mom,your sister,your girlfriend,your daughter,or any of your women relatives proud.dont call yourself pro-life when u choose to k!ll the mother,but make the baby come out,where it has no house,no food,no clothes,no basic human care.most situations include the father of the kid ABANDONING the mom and the fetus,and she has no support whatever and you people beat her up for having no choice?Now dont go on talking about foster care and adoption.that is m! all will raise a problem to care for a fetus which isnt even breathing but the second that kid is LGBTQ+,black,asian,mexican,trans,'d raise a red flag there.make that make sense.the US foster care abuses the children, doesnt give them the life they how is it pro-life when u force the baby to come out where it doesnt have a life to live? Please have some common sense Protecting women and letting them do whatever they want to do with their own body, PROTECTING CHILDREN WITH NO PARENTS,NO HOME,NO CARE.NOT 0PRESSING WOMEN. Now thats being pro life.

    we ask all of you to fight for what's right.

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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