Stop the SLAUGHTER of the Trees! Protect NAGA Cebu Trees! Protect iconic Cebu South Trees!

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Naga just had the tragedy of the landslide and now they are cutting trees.

Stop 151 Trees from being cut down! Roadside trees are special class trees protected by a separate statute RA 3571. This gives the locality the jurisdiction over their trees by the roadside. NOT DENR. The law has basis for the protection of the trees. The people won this fight in 2014. We are called to once again to have our voices heard. 

Here is the truth about development and safety. In support of development and respect to environment, a non-government study was conducted and proposed an alternate route with the least environmental impact- but it fell on government's deaf ears. Nonetheless they widened the roads encroaching on where the trees stand. Man caused the hazards. The trees simply exist where they have done so before any of us. On safety, the incidences of accidents involving the identified trees for slaughter is weak. There is not much actual evidence or numbers presented to use safety as justification of cutting down healthy, viable trees. If one cannot see the trees while driving as we have done so all our lives down south then maybe one is not fit to drive. There are also no scientific reports presented that condemn the identified trees as sick or rotten. The trees South of Cebu are part of our Culture and Heritage as a Cebuano aside from the Environmental Protection they give the inhabitants of the island. Naga and Carcar will not be the same without those trees nor will the future of our children. Philippines is ranked MOST VULNERABLE in this Climate Crisis. 

The IPCC report states that by 2030 we have a 67% chance of limiting the Global Temperatures rise below 1.5 degrees. If we fail, earth will be set on a course of irreversible catastrophic ravages. 80% of our corals die, sea levels rise, air born diseases (most of which we have never seen before) will increase by up to 80%. We have to respect our carbon emissions budget for the next 10 years. The trees help us with that. Trees that are standing help. BOTH young and old trees. What good will it do us if we plant a million seedlings for pictures to post and we cut the grown trees that already do the carbon absorption we need NOW? Protect our protectors against the Climate Crisis that threaten our survival. 10 years is all we have left to act. Protect the trees now. Help us.