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Promoting the Filipino Language and Other Philippine Dialects

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     The preservation of the Filipino language as well as other Philippine dialects is vital to Filipino culture as well as Filipino identity. For the past few decades, English has been taking over as a main and dominant language in the Philippines. Although both Filipino and English are official languages in the Philippines, the government and people seem to choose English as a preferable language option as opposed to Filipino. 

     Yes, there are many benefits to learning English and using it more frequently. We are able to communicate to Western nations with ease and it is beneficial to use it in everyday situations. We are able to travel to English-speaking countries without having to learn the language. However, there is a consequence. As a result of this, we lose our culture, language, and identity as Filipinos. This is quite saddening and heart-breaking.

     Filipino and other dialects are used less and less frequently in the Philippines everyday. We are only using our native languages and dialects in our homes. We cease to use Filipino and other dialects in business, government, and other official matters. More and more people are ceasing to use Filipino and other dialects and use English as a better alternative. As the next generation grows up, they might not even know how to speak their own native language anymore. There are rarely any advertisements and signs that are in Filipino or other dialects. Written Filipino and other dialects are also quite rare.

     English should not be removed as one of the official languages of the Philippines. English has played a huge role in making the Philippines prosperous.  However, we must promote Filipino and other dialects of the Philippines instead of English. We can start by using our native languages and dialects more. We can prioritize the teaching of Filipino and other dialects instead of English in our schools and universities. We can start using Filipino in government, business, and other official matters. We can have translations of Western media into Filipino and other dialects. If we do this, we are saving our beautiful and unique culture and our native languages and dialects which date back hundreds of years ago. This is our pride and identity as Filipinos. Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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