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Free college education for the youth in the Philippines

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We would like to petition on providing state colleges for people all over the Philippines that provide quality education for free. It would greatly help the people that cannot afford a college education and yet .
In a census by the PSA in 2010 where they asked almost 81.9 million people comprising of people above 5 years, only 10 % were academic degree holders. Many still wish to go to college to pursue their wanted course. We want colleges to provide free education to people who earn significantly less to the upper class. College also provides a sure way for a person to find a job that aligns with their passion and pays well. The poor will not be the only ones that benefit from this but also people in the lower middle class and the middle class that want to enroll their child to a school that can provide their child with quality education that doesn’t plague them with loans for years to come. People who go to school only supported by themselves can benefit from this as well as they don’t have to worry about their school fees and only have to work for their basic needs, necessities and housing.
The state colleges must provide sufficient labs and facilities for the students attending can be up to par with the top universities today. Computer labs, gymnasiums and classrooms that are air conditioned, and it should be the standard for the colleges that provide these. Accreditations are a plus as well because this increases a person’s chances of finding a good paying job that can provide additional funds for their families so they can escape from poverty.
This would also benefit our country because this will provide more professionals to work for companies such as Maynilad, DPWH, DOST and many others, By providing free college education to these people the government itself would also benefit from these since there would be more projects done because of the Many Filipinos cannot go to college financial problems and are forced to work really early in their lives and most of the time these jobs become permanent. Poverty-ridden Filipinos also have aspirations for white collar work in society such as being architects, engineers, managers at companies They want to remove their family from the streets and into houses that they worked hard for.

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