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All Poor People in the Philippines Should have Pantawid Pamilyang Piilipino Program

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What is 4p's? What is its Importance? 4p's is a Human development measure of the National Government that provides conditional cash grants to the poorest of the poor to improve the health ,nutrition and the education of the children aged 0-18

The 4Ps is a government development program that gives conditional cash grants to the poorest Filipinos to improve the health, nutrition and the education of children. Under the program, a monthly stipend of up to P1,400 will be given to a family, provided the children regularly attend school, and the mother, if pregnant, seeks pre- and post-natal care.


The 4p's has dual objectives as the flagship poverty alleviation of the Aquino Administration.

  1.) Social Assistance,giving monetary support to extremely poor families to respond to their immediate needs;and

  2.) Social Development,Breaking the inter-generational poverty cycle by Investing in the health and education of poor children through programs like:

  • Health Check-ups for pregnant women and Children aged 0-5.
  • Deworming of school children aged 6-14.
  • Enrollment of children in daycare, elementary and secondary high schools and;
  • Family Development Sessions.

The 4p's also helps the Philippine government to full fill its commitment to the millennium Development Goals(MDG's) -Specifically in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, in achieving universal primary education, in promoting gender equality, in reducing child mortality , and in improving maternal Health.

The Purpose

 The Purpose of our petition is to eradicate poverty.As We all know most of the families here in the Philippines don't have a wealthy life.It will certainly be a financially burdensome for many Filipino's to send their children in school, especially if thet have many kids, that's why we created this petition that aims to help the poor people here in our country by givong them money every month , this activity is called Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.The goal of our petition is to alleviate the suffering of every poor families, If one member of your family will be sick and you need to bring him/her to the hospital then it will lessen your problem because you have already have money to pay for your bills.This program Focuses on the Education of the youth and Help them to achieve their dreams.  


Why Should We Support This Petition?

At a recent forum on the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (or 4Ps) held at the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, experts from different government agencies and academic institutions discussed the rationale and the feasibility of extending and expanding the program.

Under the management of Department of Social and Welfare Development (DSWD), the 4Ps is widely known to be the lynchpin of the government’s anti-poverty efforts. One of its key interventions is the provision of small cash transfers to mothers, as long as they commit to investing in their children, such as by ensuring their children go to school, as well as get deworming, vaccination and regular health check-ups to name a few other aspects of the program. 4Ps operates in 79 provinces covering 1484 municipalities and 143 key cities in all 17 regions nationwide.

As of June 2013, the program covered almost 4 million households. The planned extension of the 4Ps program will include an additional 2 million children to the current 8.5 million in the program. A special emphasis will be placed on providing additional support to children from poor families who would like to go to high school.

Ending poverty

First, the 4Ps is NOT the only program in the anti-poverty strategy of the government, yet it’s quite possibly the most important component. The reason is that this program attacks one of the root causes of poverty—weak education, health and other human development characteristics that disadvantage a poor person.

No amount of job creation will employ and lift out of poverty millions of under-skilled and unhealthy citizens. No business would get into such an enterprise, and no government can sustain economic growth and job creation on such a weak foundation. Therefore, human capital build-up is, first and foremost, the key ingredient in the strategy.

What is often poorly understood about the 4Ps program is that it’s less focused on adults, and more focused on the next generation. The economic pay-off from these investments, therefore, will take some years to fully manifest—in the form of more educated and healthy citizens and more productive workers.

If we are serious about poverty reduction (and dare I say, poverty eradication), investing in children is where we should really begin. Otherwise, a never ending stream of people with weak education and health will add to the ranks of the poor.

Of course, human capital is not enough. Access to the other factors of production and growth will also need to dramatically improve for the vast majority of the population—such as through microfinance and lending to SMEs (improving access to capital); and true agrarian reform (access to land).

To Make this Petition approve by the law in our country we plan to gain more supporters, because of this we planned to share this petition in the different social media sites, advertise it in televisions.I know that this step of ours would be expensive but the funding will come from our own resources. Its because of our willingness to help our Fellow Filipinos to realize that this Petition will really be Beneficial for all of the Filipinos if this petition will be approved.

This Petition is not only to help the Filipino families but also to Promote the Philippines economy for the next Generation why? Because 4p’s will focus on helping the youth in achieving their dreams.

So please I need your Supports to achieve my dreams and the dreams of my fellow Filipinos

For more inquiries and more information, please feel free to email us on or contact us on these corresponding mobile numbers; 09051234023 for TM and  Globe,09274797812 for Tnt and Smart. Thanks For Supporting us In advance!



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