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Remove Propaganda From Checkstands in Grocery Stores

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The grocery store checkstand is one of the great levelers in our society: one of the places we patiently stand side by side, tempted by candy and chapstick and batteries and trashy magazines as we wait to buy our food. I have noticed recently that one particularly trashy magazine, The National Enquirer, has shifted away from batboy sightings and Brangelina gossip into a full-blown fake news publication. Zero verification, half-truths and outright lies that support the new president elect? This is propaganda.

I try to be as objective and unbiased as possible in my news consumption, and I believe that the grocery chains that choose to feature this magazine in such a prominent place are taking a political stand against the values that I believe in as an American citizen. If Kroger, the country's largest grocery chain, were to stop selling the magazine it would send a clear message to David Pecker, (CEO of The National Enquirer) that perhaps being in bed with 45 isn't such a great idea after all, which then might send a message straight to the white house. I implore the CEOs of all major grocery chains to stop the proliferation and profiting of fake news organizations in one of three ways:

a) removing this magazine from their checkstands entirely,

b) reducing sales by packaging it in a non-transparent wrapper with the disclaimer that it contains biased, false and harmful information,


c) offering a far left-leaning publication to balance the points of view that are displayed at eye level to a captive audience.

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