A higher penalty of Kimberly Atwell whom starved her two dogs to death

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Kimberley Atwell is the 21year old woman who left her two dogs to starve to death. 

The puppy and 3year old dog were found cuddled together in the laundry of the home she had vacated from 3weeks earlier. 

The judge seemed to think it was fine for the woman to be allowed to own animals again in five years time EVEN THOUGH when questioned on the starvation of her dogs she implied they could be replaced.


People like this do not deserve the love animals bring and her sentencing needs to be higher! I personally would love to see her be banned from owning animals for a minimum of 20 YEARS!!!


Please sign and help me make a difference and bring justic to the lives of these gorgeous babies who didn’t deserve to die slow and painful deaths!!