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AMTRAK CEO ANDERSON is attempting to do away with the Southwest Chief (SW). The SWC is a Cross Country Passenger Rail Service that travels between Chicago and Los Angeles. It covers what the East and West Coast consider "Fly Over Country". I am a person with a Neurological Disability that's why I rely on AMTRAK for long distance travel. Airlines aren't Disability Friendly and it's near impossible for persons like me to board them.

Former Colorado Congressman Sal Pace of Pueblo, Co secured a TIGER Grant for track upgrades for Colorado four years ago in an attempt to help get AMTRAK to  to Pueblo from La Junta Colorado. So fa the TIGER Grant money has been shanghaied by AMTRAK. We fear CEO Anderson is going to use the Grant Money for East Coast Rail Service and leave us high and dry.

Sadly CEO Anderson in his new tenure of AMTRAK is attempting to cut off the rest of the Country except the East and West Coast in regards to Passenger Rail Service. We need anyone and everyone that sees this message to sign this petition to send to Washington D.C. and the Colorado State Government to halt Anderson's actions.


Feel free to join my FaceBook Page for bringing te SWC to Pueblo and thank you if you do.