Rod Underhill, Drop all charges against social justice advocate Ana del Rocío now!

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Ana del Rocío is a Portland-based mother of two and elected School Board member. Ana has a proven track record of being an advocate for racial, social and civil justice. On March 13, 2018, Ana was swept up in a Trimet fare enforcement sweep. When officers inquired about her immigration status, Ana asserted her civil-rights and refused to answer questions outside of the scope of the issue Portland Police were called and she was arrested and jailed for six hours. In an effort to create a legal-dragnet for Ana, the court is forcing Ana into a trial in criminal court. If convicted in criminal court, she could face a conviction on her record and jail time. Oregon's long and dark history of over-policing people of color, is rearing its ugly head and we say NO!
This is a travesty of justice and a waste of public resources and we demand that the DA, Rod Underhill, drop all charges!

Join us by saying "NO" to racially motivated over policing and prosecuting by signing this pledge today.

For more  information read this article from the Portland Mercury.