Postpone Chestermere High School Grad 2020

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The Class of 2020 is heavily disappointed by the Rocky View Schools decision to cancel graduation ceremonies and banquets. Many of the Class of 2020's student body are proposing to postpone both these events to later dates, keeping in mind the circumstances of COVID-19.

Students understand the current circumstances revolving around COVID-19, and the importance of physical distancing as well as quarantine. Students support the efforts to flatten the curve. The Rocky View MD has issued that social gatherings are to be cancelled until June 30th. We are in agreement that there should not be large social gatherings during this critical time. Although, this does not justify the overall cancellations of these events in the long term.

We believe this decision was a poor representation of the interest of our student population, and Rocky View Schools has not been able to “empathize” with us as they claim. We are astonished that Rocky View Schools would consider, “different opportunities for our graduands to receive yearbooks and certificates and potential video tributes ”, as a form of compensation for these irreplaceable events. 

Students respect the Rocky View Schools decision to cancel these ceremonies due to the current circumstances. We are requesting the postponement of these events to a later date when there is a solution to COVID-19 or the situation is under control. We are open to alternate dates that the Rocky View Schools is willing to provide, instead of cancelling the events. Of course, we are aware of the restrictions there are provincially, as well as nationally. With these aspects taken into consideration, we are suggesting this solution. We hope that the students and the Rocky View Schools can come to a successful, mutual understanding.

Rocky View Schools highlights a key value on their website, “We inspire lifelong learners in the pursuit of personal excellence”. Cancelling graduation ceremonies prevents the Rocky View Schools from fulfilling this value. To walk across the stage to receive your diploma and seeing your parents’ smiles is an irreplaceable feeling which is wrong to take away. After high school, students venture onto their own academic journeys, leading them to potentially be unable to see their classmates for years or ever again. Although students respect class cancellations due to health concerns, one cannot deny the fact that their senior year and festivities have been taken away; cancelling graduation ceremonies takes a toll on mental health as well.

The students of the Rocky View Schools respect the efforts that need to be made for COVID-19, and we are hoping that the Rocky View School is willing to respect the importance of our ceremonies.