A CHOICE for 5 full days in-class for Rockwood School District students

A CHOICE for 5 full days in-class for Rockwood School District students

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Concerned Parents of RSD 2020
Concerned Parents of RSD 2020 signed this petition

On July 20th, 2020 parents with children enrolled in the Rockwood School District (RSD) received an email from District Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles informing us of the Districts plan to reopen in the Fall. The Districts plan provides parents with the following two options for our child(ren’s) educational services:
• A reduced-capacity educational option in which students attend classes at school two days per week; or
• At-home education through online curriculum.

As the parents of RSD students and as taxpayers that fund the RSD, we, the signatories of this petition have been harmed by this plan and object to it for the following reasons:

1) This plan was developed and implemented in spite of the results of a survey conducted by the RSD in June 2020 which showed that over 74% of RSD parents want their children to return to 100% in-classroom instruction when school reopens.

2) This plan is not based upon science or recently released CDC statistics which clearly show that individuals below the age of sixty-five (65) and without underlining health condition(s) have very low Covid-19 mortality rates, in some cases even lower than seasonal influenza.
Furthermore, the CDC Covid-19 “Weekly Surveillance Report” for the week ending July 11th, 2020 states that…”children (0-17 years), cumulative COVID-19 hospitalization rates are much lower than cumulative influenza hospitalization rates during recent influenza seasons.” And…”Among 199 hospitalized children with information on underlying conditions, 51.3% had at least one reported underlying medical condition.”

3) This plan ignores the guidance of professional health organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which stated in June, 2020 that…”the AAP strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.”

4) This plan does not take into account the immense negative impact that at-home instruction has on the educational and social development of our children, as well as their psychological health.

5) This plan exhibits a complete disregard of, and zero empathy for the obvious and immense financial hardship that it will inflict upon the working families of the Rockwood School District.

6) This plan provides no explanation as to why the RSD is unable and/or unwilling to offer the option of five (5) full days of in-classroom instruction, while all of the following local Public School Districts are providing that option to the families in their districts:
Fort Zumwalt Francis Howell Hillsboro Ladue Lindbergh Pattonville Saint Charles Valley Park Wentzville

7) This plan was announced approximately one month prior to the scheduled start of school, an action that shows no consideration to RSD parents that are now forced to scramble to find alternatives for daycare, transportation, plead for compassion from their employers and find solutions to all of the other hardships that this plan imposes upon them and their children.

For these reasons (and more) we, the undersigned, as the parents of children in the RSD and as tax-paying citizens that fund the District, find this plan and its current options to be unrealistic, unbalanced, unsustainable and unacceptable.

We therefore call on the RSD Board of Education (BoE) to place the following items on the agenda for a vote during the RSD BoE meeting scheduled for August 6th, 2020:

1. The RSD will provide the option of in-classroom instruction, five (5) full days per week for all RSD parents and students that choose this option for the 2020/2021 school year.

2. The RSD will provide options for RSD parents and students that choose full at-home online instruction or a mix of both in-classroom and at-home instruction.

3. The RSD will establish precautionary safety policies, such as:

A) Requiring RSD students, staff, and visitors to wear a facial covering at RSD facilities, except when facial coverings interfere with eating, drinking, speaking, etc.

B) RSD students, staff and visitors will receive a temperature check prior to boarding a school bus and/or entering RSD facilities.

C) All RSD facilities will provide hand sanitizer and facial coverings at all facility entrances and at other locations throughout the facility.

D) The RSD will institute policy and procedural guidelines to accommodate the needs of RSD staff over the age of sixty-five (65) and staff members with confirmed and applicable underlying health conditions.

E) The RSD will institute safety and social distancing guidelines that are tailored in ways that will not interfere with the District's primary mission of providing in-classroom instruction five (5) full days per week for all parents and students that so choose.

Please sign your name to this petition and show your support for the educational, social, developmental, and psychological wellbeing of the students of the Rockwood School District and for the economic survival of our families and community.