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The 25 minute period that was originally given to students for studying and working on assignments for other classes has been taken away because the administration has failed to properly discipline the few students that don't follow the rules. As a result of the 1%, everyone else has to suffer. In the real world, these students would be properly disciplined without taking away oppurtunities from other people. Every day there are students who need extra help outside of class to understand a subject but are forced to come before or after school. For some kids that is not an option. The school should not require kids that are already at school for 7 hours to stay before or after school when there is an advisory class. The purpose of advisory is to do homework, study, makeup tests, get help from teachers, etc. It is unfair for every student to not be allowed to get the help they need in this class period. Some kids don't have the recources to arrive at school any sooner than when the bus can drop them off and and stay any later than when it can pick them up. It is unfair to expect kids to spend more time at school when there is a class period that was meant for getting help from teachers and doing work. It only makes sense that students should be able to visit these teacehers during this class period. The solution to this problem is to open advisory. Teachers must create a better way of communication so that teachers can keep track of their students.