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Give Rockville City Police Dept. Promised Pay Raise and Back Pay.

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Dear Friends,

It’s been over four years since the officers of the Rockville City Police Department, the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for our safety, have gotten a raise. The bureaucrats in Rockville claim that there is no money available, but the fact is the City of Rockville is not only in good financial standing, but has a budget surplus.   

Why doesn’t the city support its officers?

The time is long overdue for the city to invest in its employees, its first responders, and the police officers who protect our city and help us enjoy a quality of life that is the envy of communities across the country.

The time is now!

On May 12th the City of Rockville will move to adopt the 2015 annual budget. 

Now is the time for the mayor and city council and the city staff to hear from YOU that it is important to support our local police department.

For months the officers have asked the mayor and council to re-implement their annual pay raises.  The only response back has been silence. This is an outrage! 

Here are Some Facts about the Rockville Police Department

· They have not been given a raise in over four (4) years despite a city wide financial surplus.

· A majority of Rockville Police Officers work 2 – 3 jobs to support their families.

· Rockville Police Officers continue to protect our city, our families and our children.

·Every day Rockville Police Officers continue to put their lives on the line to protect our communities and neighborhoods.

Here are some facts about the City and this issue:

·A financial analysis was provided PROVING funding was available each year the police were denied pay raises.

·This issue has been brought before Mayor and Council in a public forum numerous times, with Mayor and Council failing to correct the issue.

·Failing to provide pay raises when funding is available is a direct violation of city policy.

· City of Rockville leaders and staff refuse to meet in an open forum with Rockville Police Officers to even discuss the issue.

We need our Rockville Police Officers.  We need your help now!

Are you a City of Rockville Resident/Voter? 

If YES, please click HERE to tell our Mayor & Council that our first responders deserve the support they have been asking for and to adopt a 2015 budget that includes the re-instatement of annual pay increases for the police officers. 

It is time.  Enough is enough.

May 12th will be the final adoption of the 2015 budget and we need your help TODAY.  Please take less than 4 seconds to sign this petition.

We are hoping to have over 1,000 signatures by Monday, May 5th.



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