We want to get more money on GTA V Online!

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Hello everyone!

Increasingly I feel and talk to people who feel revolted that they never get enough money on GTA Online to buy the stuff that comes in the GTA DLCs, more and more we notice the presence of people who use cheats to get money, and this comes due to the fact that it is PROSTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to make enough money to buy everything on GTA Online!

And about the cheats of GTA Online, if Rockstar Games wants GTA Online players to be honest, Rockstar Games has to be honest with the GTA Online players and their fans!

This petition aims to get Rockstar Games to increase the amount of money that players and GTAV fans and GTA Online fans receive for each service we do from missions, races, heists and all the many other ways we have to earn money .

That is, we wanted to get a lot more money on GTAV Online for a mission to make up for the sky-high prices of all the things we have available to buy on GTA Online.

How we think it should be our reward (PROPOSAL)
Our proposal:


Our proposal for a resolution on this problem has the following principle:

- In an hour of consecutive game of services like for example races, being that each race has an average of 10 minutes (that is to say 6 races per hour), a player who stays in first place always would have a reward at the end of that hour of 1,500,000.00 GTA Dollars. This is for each race in the first place the player should receive at least 250,000.00 GTA Dollars. And the other places being governed by the following table:

1st Place       250,000.00$
2nd Place      235,000.00$
3rd Place       220,000.00$

4th Place       200,000.00$

5th Place       185,000.00$
6th Place       170,000.00$
7th Place       155,000.00$
8th Place       140,000.00$
9th Place       125,000.00$

10th Place     100,000.00$

Residences of catering     95,000.00$

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