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To not bring again Character Transfert to GTA Online

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There is a lot a people who want to transfert their online character from the old gen to the current gen or PC. But it's now impossible ... 


There is the petition https://www.change.org/p/rockstar-games-rockstar-games-to-bring-character-transfer-back-to-gta5-online

First they want to bring the character transfer only for a amount of time, so for the people who will miss this, they won't  be able to transfert their only caracter, it's unfair ...

Second if people want to transfert their caracter is about money, les us not fool ourselves, because the update are very expensive, and there aren't cheater on current gen to give money whereas on old gen ... It's a festival of cheeting ... I know some people have a good reason but it's a very small part and i'm sorry for them

Third, the Character Transfert killed GTA Online, I mean I bought GTA V day one on PC, 3 day later, I started GTA Online and few hour later, I was chainkilled by a 400 levels and  I was without defenses ... It's one of the reason I started to cheat ! And I'm not the only in that case ... 

The only solution i see, and i hope that everyone will agree, is giving money for peolpe who want to transfert their online character 


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