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Started by Harry C

The community of red dead redemption 2 online has been begging for content to make the game more fun for many years while they might occasionally get an update, it's normally a big let down and doesn't meet the fans expectations.

Meanwhile, GTA online gets updates very frequently and even recently they released a huge update that brought back one of the main characters from the grand theft auto story mode and even the famous rapper Dr dre! Has red dead ever had an update that huge? No.

We only get to see some main story characters in red dead online in very basic stranger missions where they send you to do a job such as taking out targets but they hardly even talk! You get one cutscene where you can see one of the characters from story mode talking to your red dead online character but after that you can only see them sitting in their house.

In the new gta update you can do many new "contracts" (missions) that let you work with Franklin (one of the gta story main characters) and even play as him at some points, imagine that with John or arthur in red dead online!

Sadly, the word imagine is becoming a reality because Rockstar Games really doesn't care about or answer the fans questions related to updates, some red dead fans only want the small but cool ability to own a ranch or house in online! Is that too much to ask for?

Please sign this petition to get rockstars head in the game and help this sad community who is starved of content.

16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!