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Rockstar needs to make shark card cheaper and worth more in-game currency

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Most of us in the GTA Online community struggle to make in-game money due to rockstar's "free" dlc concept. The only way to make a decent amount of money is to spend hours upon hours grinding out sell missions, heists or other money making methods. Another way is to purchase shark cards. In a way, for those of us who can not afford to or refuse to buy ridiculously priced shark cards, it takes the true gaming experience away. Who wants to spend hours grinding out missions to buy one vehicle? Rockstar is selling shark cards for such large amounts for so little in-game cash in return. I for one would buy shark cards if I didn't have to spend $100 to get eight million in-game currency. It would seem more reasonable to spend $25 for eight million in-game currency. Granted, their current strategy is obviously working for them and is very profitable. However, more people would buy shark cards if they weren't so insanely priced. If Rockstar would commit to treating the GTA Online community more fairly with reasonably priced shark cards, more people will buy them and more frequently. This would also allow people with financial restrictions to enjoy more features of GTA Online. Please, if you want to make a difference in the GTA Online community, support this petition. Please sign, and send rockstar a confirmation email as well. That way they not only get one email from your signature, but two. Please share as well. Have fun grand theftin'! 


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