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Proximity voice chat for GTA V PC

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This is a petition for Rockstar Games to consider adding proximity based voice chat for GTA V on PC. Proximity voice chat is essential to the roleplaying experience and is required for players to have meaningful interactions within the open game world. There is reason enough for the console versions of GTA V to use server wide voice chat as opposed to any alternative, but that same logic does not apply to the PC for reasons I will now list.

1. Communication is easier, more accessible and already established on the PC. If you want to use voice chat you’ve already figured out how to use Mumble, Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Skype or any other VOIP client. If you don’t want to use voice chat and would rather type it’s something familiar and quick for PC users thanks to keyboards. Text based chat is almost non-existent on consoles because of how tedious it is to write messages using a gamepad. This isn’t the case for PC – we’ve got enough methods of communication that forcing a server wide voice chat accomplishes nothing for us.

2. Server wide voice chat is troll bait. There’s nothing more alluring to a troll than shoving their microphone into their mouth and choking on it for the world to hear. In the year 2015 you might think that’s something worth considering when implementing server wide voice that. In Rockstar’s credit they did allow for players to limit voice chat to only crew and friends as well as having the option to disable it entirely, but what’s the point of having it if most players would rather disable it?

3. There is no meaningful roleplaying experience with server wide voice chat. In a Los Santos with proximity based voice chat I could roll down the block with my boys and stick up an unsuspecting passerby. “Put your gun away and get in the van” I might say. He’ll know I’m talking to him because he’ll hear my voice and see my van. He might comply and he might not, but in either case it allows for the possibility to have fun interactions with other players without just shooting eachother on sight.


In the current game the person I was addressing would have no idea who I was talking to even if I was right next to them. It could be me talking or someone on the other side of Los Santos. Everything is chatter and white noise. Someone from across the world might respond with something like “This isn’t the sims you douchebag heh heh heh” and ruin the experience for everyone interested in something other than an open world deathmatch simulator. GTA V has the potential to be more than that and proximity voice chat is the first step in getting it there.

There have been a number of games that have benefited tremendously from proximity based voice chat. Most notably H1Z1, DayZ, rust and other open world survivor games as of late. I’d argue that any game with a multiplayer sandbox would become a lot more fun and meaningful with proximity based voice chat. It’s the future of communication in multiplayer games and I’d like to show Rockstar Games that many of us feel that to be true. Help bring proximity based voice chat to GTA V by commenting below with a “signed” or a good old fashioned Stone Cold Steve Austin “hell yeah”

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