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Due to alot of people requesting this game to be put on pc as we all know games for consoles are made on pc that there should have been a pc version of this game . Rockstar knows that there are so many people that loved this game and they know they want it on pc as its one of the best open games. I my self love this game over GTA so but true and this ported version to consoles should be released on the pc than being put in a safe and never see the light of day like movies and games and even music these days this is not the 80's now so there is not need for this problem and they know this game will sell out like mad. we hope for red dead redemption 2 will end up on pc and not just payed for by microsoft to just be put on the xbox like half of the games Rockstar have made.


so please all sign this pertition and hope we can get this game out of the safe and onto our pc's.



Letter to
Rockstar Games
please release the pc version of Red Dead Redemption there are so many people that want this and for a company to not end up like other bankrupted company's money is the one thing you need as microsoft are using you as a money cow on GTA and that will not last for ever so please start listening to the buyers and release the games they want on pc and not just polished up games to consoles we need this game released from your safe and put onto our pc's

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