Let modders be!

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Dear Rockstar,

I and many others wish you would stop preventing people from modding this game. Mods make a game last longer. Look at GTA4 for example, with GTA mods you could act as a police officer or bus driver or even be a horse! The possibilities are endless with GTA and that was made back in 2008. Imagine what you could do and how long GTA5 would live if you allowed the community to do what they do best and make GTA a wild experience. Look at Bethesda for example, they let their users do what they wanted with Skyrim, it's simply amazing what they did with it. They've made it look better, work better, and of course added content that Bethesda, not saying they're a bad company, didn't even think of adding or couldn't add. You would even get more players for this game if you allowed modding to be easy or even just let modders have at the game and not punish them for doing what they love. We all love GTA5 and you Rockstar we just wish you'd let us do what we want with the game to make it a even crazier ride than what it already is!


The Grand Theft Auto community


P.S. I've also included a video that shows what craziness mods can do to a game like gta

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