John Marston's classic hair and outfits from chapters 2-6 in epilogue RDR2

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Diego Cordeiro
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Red Dead Redemption 2 is such an amazing game full of details, emotion and interactions. In the epilogue part we play as another character whom throught the game had his own hair style, hat and clothing but as we get to play him, It all vanishes. He loses all his identity and looks like a carbon copy from the preview character. His Iconic hair, hat and clothes disappears. The thing is, in pre-release material we have seen screenshots from his playable state in wich we can see him clearly with his Iconic haircut and also in Rockstar's Social Club missions screens with the same haircut. We fans deserve to get It back in our games thought patch, is not even a difficult thing to do as the hair is already in the game's files. Please Rockstar Games, have a heart and make us this little favor. Love your work, but this was really unnecessary.