GTA V Director Mode Online Private Lobbies

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This would make Director Mode private lobbies a thing! This would allow for people to explore the map with their friends in a whole new level. Certain things just cannot be done on a normal lobby such as, disabling wanted levels, not having to worry about money and many other things. Not only would this allow for people to have endless amounts of fun and bring back GTA Players bored with normal gta online but it would also allow for new GTA videos and mini shows to be created with the Director Mode actors you can find!

The Infrastructure is already there, Director Mode Singleplayer already has all of the necessary actors and addons such as disabling police. The only thing Rockstar has to do (unless I'm missing something) would be to allow people to connect with their friends to make this a reality. I can understand due to constraints they may have to down the limit of players per Director Mode session but nonetheless it would still be an amazing addition.

For Instance, instead of a normal 30 person lobby Rockstar could down it to the Old-Gen max of 20 people to stop lag spikes. (just an idea)