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Get my GTA Online account back online

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Hello Rockstar Games,

Hi, First of all, I would like to thank you for entertaining us all these years. I am a very big fan of Rockstar Games and especially GTA Online. But few days back, while I was playing GTA Online, I suddenly got a suspension screen saying I have been suspended from the game for 1 month. I strongly believe this is a false-suspension for me from the game as I haven’t used any cheats or mods or done any of the things that the Rockstar website says would get me suspended. Some modder has been doing money drop on all the people in session and I immediately joined another session, there was some other modder in that session doing the same money drop thing. As soon I got those money, I didn’t even transfer them to the in-game Maze Bank account but even reported those modders. But, instead of those modders being suspended, I was suspended in return by the game just after a couple of hours I reported those modders, and now I am not able to login to the Online part of GTA. Everything I earned in-game (Money, Level, Apartments, and Vehicles etc.) and more than 600 hours I spent in the game, has all gone in vain. I reported the modders and in-return I was suspended from getting Online. Please consider my request, look into it, resolve it and remove my suspension as soon as possible so that I can continue enjoying the vast universe of GTA Online.

Thank you.

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