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Hello, GTA Online is a little more than 4 years old. A lot has changed in four years, but GTA Online is more alive than ever.

However, the gameplay mechanics released four years ago could not have accounted for everything. Currently in GTA Online, there has been an exponential increase in players that abuse these mechanics on a daily basis. Many players are left severely disadvantage in free roam, which is why we want to bring this to your attention. Players of all types are beginning to dread playing online in free-roam, because these glitches ruin the fun of playing legitimately in GTA Online.

We believe this is an epidemic.

After consulting many players, and crews of GTA Online, we have a comprehensive list of these exploits, their use, and what we recommend should be done about them.


  • Passive mode is a feature that allows players to enter a non-combative state, in exchange for invulnerability. However, Passive mode is being abused by players who use it to avoid retaliation for griefing others. There are legitimate uses to Passive mode, but in it's current state, it is being used to harass online players. We recommend increasing the cool-down timer in between each use.
  • All weapons in GTA Online require a reload to use after expending loaded ammunition(s). Players in GTA Online may bypass this wait time by firing the weapon, switching to a different weapon, and switching back. The game assumes the weapon was reloaded, so it is able to fire instantly. i.e. A player fires his Homing Launcher, switches to his knife, and switches back to his Homing Launcher firing it again, etc. We recommend delaying the ability to switch weapons when fired to force the player to wait, assuming it's possible.
  • Since October of 2015, players have been able to purchase ammo from the interaction menu, gone finally were the days of driving to the gun store. While being able to resupply ammo on the run is very convenient, it is very easy to abuse. Explosives are very expensive, but many players have illegitimately gained in game cash via exploits, which makes it a nightmare for most players who play legitimately. Combat has become fruitless. We recommend disabling the ability to buy ammo for "Heavy Weapons" and "Throwables", this would double as an incentive for players to visit the gun store more often.
  • Many players have discovered ways to bypass the block on the use of the "Easy Way Out" feature during combat, which simply requires a player to enter first person, and look backwards using the Right Stick click-in, they are able to commit suicide instantly, and hurts the game's immersion.
  • There are two aim types in GTA Online, one of them being "Assisted-Aim", the other being "Free-aim". These two aim types are separated into seperate lobbies to maintain fairness in combat. Assisted aim allows players to "lock-on" to others, while free aim does not. However, there is a setting called "free-aim assisted", which is essentially assisted aim in free aim lobbies. This makes it very unfair for players who use base free-aim. We recommend separating or removing Free-aim assisted lobbies.
  • Many players engage in regular, competitive combat in free roam. During combat, the game tracks the amount of score a player has against another when they are killed by them. This system is used by a vast majority of players to prove their skills and/or ability to fight. However, many players attempt to bypass the "score credit system" by "blowing" themselves up. Even if a player is near death, when this occurs the attacker is not credited with a kill. We recommend counting assisted suicides as a kill for the attacker who damaged the player most within 5 seconds of death.
  • In addition, there are many clothing glitches that allow players to make parts of their character transparent, or invisible, which gives them an unfair advantage, and breaks the immersion GTA Online offers. We see that many of these glitches have been getting patched, but the work is not done yet.

This is likely our last chance to inspire change in GTA Online. If we are ignored, more and more players may begin to stop playing GTA Online all together. This is an issue that hurts the players, the population, and therefore should be seen as a real threat. The changes we request are common sense, and only harm those that wish to exploit the game's mechanics for their own gain. Thank you for reading this.

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