Compel Rockstar Games to UPDATE GTA: Online with some "water stuff".

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In Los Santos are docks. Many docks. But there is no use for them. I have to say i used boat max. 5 times in Heist. I never used them in Freemode. That's boring. What i want a many other people wants is a new Update focused on "Sea Expansion". It can be something like Smuggler's Run but on a water! You could buy your own dock/harbor - there you could save and upgrade your own boats or ships. Others things could be add. For example hoverboats, bigger submarines, new Heist, supplies on a water or dive for supplies, boats with AA Guns, Flak-Cannon boats, Cargo Ships where you could stock one vehicle for quicker move on water instead of a road, etc... I think that could be good. I think many people could appraise to have these things in GTA: Online. It will be something new. Sorry for my bad translation, im from Czech Rep. so please respect that. Thanks, Enjoy.