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Bring out the heists we were promised and stop using poor excuses to delay it.

Let's face it, by now a lot of people are bored with your game because not only have you nerfed a lot of the missions, races and so on so it is practically impossible to make good money in the game giving day 1 online players a huge (uneconomical) advantage. We have put up with this however because we have faith in you that the content to follow will be amazing. But as long as you keep putting off content, everyone is growing more and more tired of doing the same thing in game. I know your priority is to fix all the bugs before you release the heists, but no game is perfect. Every game has bugs, and sometimes it takes years to fix them all. I think I not only speak for myself but for all your fans when I say although we do care about the bugs just a bit, we can work around them for now till you sort them out. But I think I also speak for all of us when I say the heists are more important. What is the point in fixing all the bugs when your players are becoming tired of your game and moving onto next gen games. By the time you release the heists at this rate there will be nobody left to even play them with. 

All we are asking of you rockstar, is you spend less time on fixing bugs and more time on new content to make the game more fun and less repetitive. You can start with the heists, which is what we are all most looking forward to (and you promised it would come with the game on the trailer which is false advertising). But despite all of this, we still have faith in your game which makes you very lucky. Any other developer would be landed in hot water right now and you know it.

Please, at least take this petition into consideration. Thank you.


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