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Bring back the Kuruma Method or increase the amount of incomes in Heists and Businesses

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Dear Rockstar Games and GTA Online Community!

I'm and I guess most of the GTA Online Community are a bit dissappointed in the fact that you've fixed the Pacific Standard Heist Kuruma Method. We need to earn millions of ingame dollars for yact, cars, businesses. Make no mistake, I really love all of your DLCs and I really enjoyed them. We are really grateful for you to making these DLCs, but since the game is out, do you think you gave the players a proper DLC in which they will earn a good amount money?

Yes. Maybe. CEO giving 2.2 million is good. Or not? If we want to earn the biggest of it we surely have to farm the cargos 1 by 1. Why? Because we spend 220k on them to fully fill a warehouse which will hold 111 cargos. 111 cargo will be then sold for 2.2M but considering the 220k spending money trully you only earn 2.0 Million. This would be acceptable of course, unless you have to farm for weeks to get a full warehouse of cargos. The other businesses MC and now the Import/Export are not giving good amount of money. Selling 4 cars which's marketplace price is 4 million but we only get maximum 250k in most cases.

You removed the option to get inside the safehouse while on the Pacific Standard Heist to get the Kuruma and get the money a bit easier or should I say, safer. Even if we're doing this way it takes hours to get a good amount of money especially if we split it equally between players. When we are playing with friends we don't mess around. Everyone is equal, even if they get money for the setups. Heists and GTA V for PC is out for almost 2 years and this had to be fixed after 2 years?! When there are more important bugs which would have been fixed already?

Let's take a look at Shark Cards which gives ingame dollars to players for a ridiculous amount of real money in some countries. 8.5 Million ingame dollars for more than 70 Euros, when the game only costs 60 Euro on Steam. Normally I bet that everyone could spend this amount in less then 5 mins ingame. You earned billions of REAL dollars from the game but you are are not giving the players a proper way to make ingame money. I don't wonder why people are hacking/cheating/exploiting ingame dollars. Because they don't want to spend weeks to get some money for only 1 car and then for more for tunings. They want to enjoy every feature of this game without feeling it so monotonous. I know this pricing maybe didn't depend on your call, but still, it's a bit unbelievable. For a kind like this "hard earning money" is life which is for.

So please, give back the Kuruma Method for us or at least increase the amount of money which we get from Heists, CEO, MC and the Import/Export cars selling and of course in future businesses/DLCs

The following section is for GTA Online Community:

If you agree with the previously mentioned thoughts, don't hestitate. Let them know you and all of us wants changes. Let them know, what the Community of this awesome game really wants!

Best regards,
Peter Smith

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