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Australia Saturday Lotto.

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Australia has some interesting lotto games such as Oz Lotto, Saturday lotto, Monday lotto and Wednesday lotto. The Australia Saturday Lotto started up 40 years ago and became very popular quickly. In different areas of Australia the game is called different names such as in Queensland it is referred to as the Gold Lotto. Whatever name you know the lotto to be called the rules are exactly the same. Each participant purchases a ticket and selects 6 different numbers from and including one through to forty five. Those are the main numbers but there are also two additional numbers. To be a lucky jackpot winner you must match every main number.

The prize amount for the Australia Saturday Lotto are dependent on how many tickets they have sold and are a percentage of the ticket sales given back to players. Those bagging the jackpot by matching 6 numbers get 28% of the pool, by matching 5 numbers with one or two of the supplementary numbers you will get a share of 3.8%. matching 5 numbers on their own works out to 8.2%, 4 is 12.4%, 3 and at least one of the supplementary numbers is 20.8% and 1 or 2 with the supplementary numbers is your share of 26.8%. Of course where there is more than one winner with the same results the pool is divided between them. There’s are 1:85 odds to win at least one prize.

The main Australia Saturday Lotto jackpot is at least 4 million Australian dollars, however if no winner is matched then there is a roll over. The rollover is not infinite as if no one wins after 4 roll overs the jackpot is reset to 4 million again and the 4 million prize is split between those in the next tier down.

If you are lucky enough to win there are two was to claim an Australia Saturday Lotto prize. If you bought on their website then you will automatically be emailed should you win. The prize money is then transferred to the lotto account for you to withdraw.

If you have purchased your Australia Saturday Lotto ticket from a retailer in person then you will be able to claim from a lotto outlet within the purchasing jurisdiction if it is under 1500 Australian dollars. Some outlets will pay up AU$24.999 but they usually have to get the permission of Tattersall first and only some outlets are allowed to pay out bigger amounts. If you are lucky enough to win the Saturday lotto jackpot you have to collect your prize in person within 2 weeks of the draw.
Thanks to the internet you don’t have to be in Australia to take part in the Australia Saturday lotto as you can purchase your tickets online even from mobile devices. Of course the more lotteries you enter the better chance you have of winning a prize, but you are not tied to entering only those in your country of residence. This is also great for Australians

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