Allow Singleplayer mods on GTAV PC

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Hey guys I recently found out that Rockstar changed their EULA conditions by making any type of modification to the game a bannable offence, which in turn violates their terms of service, which is quite frankly pathetic. This needs to change...

I personally have yet to mod GTA V and was considering it in the near future, but now my decision has been made for me. Which isn't right.

Unfortunately this petition isn't a legal document but this will allow Rockstar to explain and redeem themselves. We as gamers have a right to know why paying £39.99 for a game that's 2 years old for the same price on release and still be limited and subject to ban if we mod a game known for it's awesome modification community.

Rockstar have been nothing but a nuisance since release. It took Rockstar 3 years to develop and release GTA V and still they did not allow us to play our BRAND NEW somewhat expensive game without stress.

I do hope Rockstar are aware that the gaming community have been overly patient with Grand Theft Auto 5 and that this is the last straw. We don't want to accept the EULA conditions without hearing from Rockstar themselves to why this has been set in place. No more hiding behind conditions... we want a full explination and we would like to know if we the gamers can help tweak these conditions so that everyone is happy.

If we get enough people signing we might just get the answers we've been looking for(or not) but it's worth a try, we need to make Rockstar aware that we have had enough being told what we can and cannot do on a game that we physcially own without having some sort of explanation.

Don't get me wrong, I completely agree with Rockstar for banning any Multiplayer modders. In the future maybe we could monitor sessions where you are allowed to mod in certain servers but disable any experience or cash flow while in said server to prevent xp farming etc. But that's another story.



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