Petition for the City of Rockford, Illinois to establish a Community Accountability Board

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Eliminate Racism 815 recommends that the City of Rockford develop a Community Accountability Board. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between community and police and improve accountability by establishing a Community Accountability Board.

Independent community-led review of the Rockford Police Department would provide:

  • Transparency and trust
  • Fair and effective policing
  • Protection of the civil and constitutional rights of all the people

We want Rockford’s police force to be a model of effective community policing. Therefore, we need to:

  • Strengthen Rockford’s community policing program
  • Develop additional educational programs for officers in cultural competency and de-escalation
  • Eliminate the disparity in stops by race
  • Review and recommend actions and policies
  • Establish a review and mediation system for use of force complaints
  • Streamline and simplify the complaint process
  • Educate community members on lodging complaints
  • Improve the culture of the Police Department
  • Have strong, diverse community representation on the Board
  • Improve communication and understanding among community, city officials and police

Eliminate Racism 815 Criminal Justice Action Team will be happy to work together with you as Rockford’s Community Accountability Board is defined. We can be contacted through our email address: