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Less Restrictions on School Laptops

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I believe we should have more freedom over the school laptops we  have been issued to keep  until the end  of the year. I understand why  certain sites such as twitter and tumblr are blocked, but cites like coolmath and pinterest do not need to be blocked. Some of the cites that are blocked can have educational purposes, but because of a few students misuses  we are no longer able to access them.

Our school, along with many others in our county, have shown digital citizenship; so why punish all the students when only a few of them are the people that are messing up? I say, to test and see if the students are actually responsible online, allow the students to access some cites  that have been blocked before for small misuses for a month, and if the school students show responsibility  and use the cite appropriately, then allow the cite on school laptops.

 If anything, this will  teach us more about online responsibility then we were learning before. What is the harm in trying the idea?


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