Resize the classrooms to be bigger.

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I Nayeli, would like to change about Edwards Middle School is the size of the classrooms. Why, you may be asking because, at times we have so many children in one class and the teachers have to split us up. Some teachers won't be able to take more children into their classrooms because, some just go there to play around or just be a distraction to others who want to learn. But, now the classrooms would be bigger and wider. We can have the amount of children that we needed. Each classroom is about 30 by 36. Now, it can be 35 by 41. Even though the class will be bigger, the teachers will have a bigger amount of space to walk around and not be tripping over belongings of the students. Also, we won't have to ask people to push in their chairs. Some children have a big mess and some teachers feel uncomfortable with their mess so, they ask politely for them to clean it up. When we have activities, we all have to push in our chairs and move desk as well, not no more with the new organization of the classrooms. This may be kind of expensive but, we can collect money from a website, fundraiser, donations, and taxes. We all want to have our own personal space and all to concentrate in our assignments. Restating my opinion, I will like to change about Edwards Middle School is the size of our classrooms.

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