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Laptops vs. Extracurricular Funding

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Schools need to fund more extracurricular activities instead of investing in school laptops for all kids. Extracurricular activities help with kids social and mental skills and helps kids find what they are into or good at. Everything the kids do on the laptop could simply be done in the classroom with a teacher on their active boards instead of assigning kids their own laptops. Individual laptops have caused lots of issues with kids using them inappropriately, they have technical problems ending up in a bigger expense issue and we don't even use them that much in class. When we do use them, we either could have done it on paper or end up using paper too which semi-makes them pointless. Overall, getting rid of the laptops and spending more on extracurricular activities by investing in bigger and better fields for sports, more equipment, and for other ones they need to advertise it more so kids get the message and then maybe have a reward for people joining (such as a field trip or pizza party of some sort to get students involved). Activities like these help people find out what they like and people who like similar things which helps build people's character and figure out what they want to do in the future.

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