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Officers on a daily basis confront canines through out their community patrols and it''s much needed in how to handle a unfamiliar dog instead of shooting them and killing them.

Letter to
Rochester police Department Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard
Mayor Mayor Thomas Richards
Institute a training for officers in handling a unfamiliar dog. In Lieu of the recent shooting of Choco the Pitbull a innocent family canine that is friendly to everyone that he comes across with and whose responsible owners have exhausetd their efforts with the City Of Rochester in allowing a proper fence on their property for the safety of their dog.
We request that Chief Sheppard provide a training for officers in handling unfamiliar canines with out resorting to lethal force.
With summer fast approaching we want officers and our canines to be safe and training on canines is very important to achieve this safety.
On the same note Chief Sheppard has indicated his interest in such a training, this petition is to let him know he has all of our support and we want him to share with us how he wants us to help him so our community can be safe and our dogs can be safe from any shootings.

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