We Say No to RCSD proposal to eliminate transportation to Students

We Say No to RCSD proposal to eliminate transportation to Students

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Rochester NY Board of Education

Why this petition matters

This year, Rochester City School District recommended as part of its eight preliminary proposals to the school board that it would eliminate busing for students to schools out of the district, including the Urban-Suburban program. RCSD cited the cost as the reason for eliminating transportation for these city residents. 

The Urban Suburban program is one of the oldest interdistrict Transfer Programs in the country since 1965. The Urban-Suburban Inter-district Transfer Program (“Program”) was established by New York State law and the regulations of the State Education Department (SED).

The mission of the Program is: “To voluntarily decrease racial isolation, deconcentrate poverty and enhance opportunities for students in the Rochester City School District and in the Suburban districts of the Greater Rochester Area.”

There are about 900 students in the Urban Suburban program. As active partners in their children’s education, parents and families choose to be involved in the Program. Students within the Program are making a difference in the districts they participate in by breaking down racial barriers. Their inclusion in these districts not only allow them to participate in opportunities not afforded to them in the city, they are sharing their experiences with the districts they attend and broadening cultural awareness for students in their assigned districts. Many graduates have pursued higher education and advanced careers. Alumni are actively changing their community and the world around them. 

Eliminating busing for students would make it difficult for students to participate in the Program. All students live outside their respective district. Many families lack the means to transport their scholars to and from school. Transportation is a critical part of the success of this Program since its inception in 1965. 

We Say NO!! to RCSD elimination of Busing for Students in the Urban Suburban Program. Every student deserves equal access to education.  

Next RCSD board meeting will be held on December 23, 2021 at 6:30 pm. This is the final opportunity to address the RCSD Board of Education Commissioners to ensure this proposal is not passed. Voting is January 4, 2022.

To voice your NO!!! and support Urban Suburban students and their families, submit written comments or sign-up to speak: email boardofeducation@rcsdk12.org by noon on the day of the meeting.

Link to RCSD proposal: https://go.boarddocs.com/ny/rochny/Board.nsf/files/C7J26D00A0BD/$file/Zone%20Reconfiguration%20Task%20Force.pdf

2,210 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!