RIT: The mental health of college students cannot be put on hold

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It is not a secret that mental health is an issue that is taboo around this country. Although it is a growing topic, there has always been a problem. Mental health isn't new, nor will it ever be.

At Rochester Institute of Technology, a private institution in Rochester, NY, the mental health discussion has been buzzing for the past year. RIT students roar with a passion for the increase of funding to the health center on campus. Whilst there is a standard Counseling Center at the institution, many students have to wait weeks to months to have their intake appointment. Now one may say that this is not the problem of the institution because there are resources that the school does provide. But students outcries have proven that the need is greater than the resources that have been provided. 

No, the counselors are not to blame. The counselors are amazing at RIT, they understand the issue, but how would some students know how helpful the counselors are when the counselors are overbooked? There are over 15,000 undergraduates students at RIT and only a handful of counselors. The RIT Health Center is underfunded and understaffed, but this daily cry has been heard for many years.

What type of message is RIT sending when new buildings are getting built and funded whilst the foundation of RIT, the students, are crumbling?

Yes, it is a fact RIT values its student population, but when will they actually show it?