Please don't approve the building of 27 four bedroom plus homes on greenbelt land at the back of Hollingworth Lake adding an extra 360 car journeys per day on to the public footpath round the lake

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Hollingworth Lake is the most beautiful part of Rochdale, used by thousands of local people everyday, it has been called many times "the jewel in the crown".

Despite a refusal in 2012, the council planners are now in favour of building 27 houses on Greenbelt land at the back of Hollingworth Lake.  Please help us NOW to stop Rochdale Council approving this appalling scheme and adding an extra 360 car journeys per day to the already dangerously congested single track lane which runs round the lake.

Everybody who takes in the beautiful scenery with a walk round the lake has to share this section with cars at the moment, to add another 360 is, in most peoples opinion, reckless and dangerous, cars and walkers on a beautiful sunny day do not mix!!!  The health and safety implications would be huge. We have walkers, mums with prams, small children, cyclists, joggers and horse riders already jostling for a safe passage around the lake. Anymore traffic would certainly help to spoil the pleasure of this beautiful walk not to mention the traffic chaos!!!

If we do not stop this over development of our beautiful greenbelt now, it will be lost forever, not just for us now, but for our children and grandchildren, there will be no going back.

The hardworking people of Rochdale and Littleborough will gain nothing from this development whatsoever, helped by Rochdale Council the developer will be laughing all the way to the bank, please do not let them ruin Hollingworth Lake forever.

If you don't normally get involved with things like this please make an exception in this case, we all love and use the lake, please lets save it for future generations, its too precious to the hearts of the Rochdale people to let this go ahead.

We don't have much time as the final decision will be made by the Council at a public meeting in the new council offices in Rochdale on Monday 13th January 2014 at 6pm.

If, like us, you feel appalled and dismayed about this over development please also email or phone one of the councilors below who will be voting on this issue on Monday

Daalat Ali, Surinder Biant, Allen Brett, Peter Rush, Billy Sheerin, Ann Stott JP, Patricia Sullivan, Carol Wardle (Chair), Shah Wazir, June West.

A full list of councillors and their contact details are available on the council website using the link below.

Thank you so much, your time and assistance is greatly appreciated.