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Mediacom Customers Unite!

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Wikipedia supports my claim that Mediacom doesn't deliver the speeds that customers pay for, doesn't maintain consistent service that customer's consistently pay for,  and doesn't respond to customers satisfactorily, as cited below:

     In a 2016 telecom report conducted by ACSI, Mediacom occupied last place in customer satisfaction among all companies in the ACSI, regardless of industry.

     In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports magazine in 2012, Mediacom is the worst cable provider in the country according to the 50,000 people polled.

     The September 28, 2012 edition of PC Magazine named Mediacom one of the nation’s worst 15 fastest internet service providers.

This concern is exacerbated by often being the sole internet provider in many midwestern cities, where the prices they charge and the speeds they provide is the only option.

I PROPOSE Mediacom reduce rates in areas where slower speeds are provided, matching rates to service speed levels on a graduated scale.

I PROPOSE Mediacom credits back charges for service when service was "down", on a per hour, pro rata basis - they must stop charging for services not rendered.

I PROPOSE that Mediacom customers who agree with me unite on this issue and sign this petition to the majority shareholder Rocco Commisso and other leaders of this LLC.

Let's put an end to "contracts" that charge you for leaving even when you're relocating to an area that Mediacom doesn't serve! That really takes the shine off a new job, 'eh?

Let's stand up and demand Mediacom fulfill its contract! Provide the speeds we pay for and credit our accounts for the hours you don't provide any service at all.

It is clear Mediacom leaders on down through the front line employees don't even know of outages reported on their own website, and they don't research and read through singular website reviews or comments like others do.

One large, overwhelming voice of tens of thousands of customers may get noticed! 

Mediacom customers unite! Sign this petition. Make Mediacom hear us. Demand they improve service and stop charging for services not delivered. 

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