Unfair Banning

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Well, it was just another normal day in my life and then I thought why not upload an audio so I did but copyright reasons they said no so I tried again but it said no I thought why don't I press allow other users to copy audio and did that twice but the audio wasn't getting through. So I decided to stop uploading it. But then it was refunding me to much robux around about 500 to much So I thought why don't I send an email to Roblox about this but I didn't have time but when I came around to this appeared on my home screen 

Account Deleted
Our content monitors have determined that your behaviour at Roblox has been in violation of our Terms of Service.

Moderator Note: Your account has been deleted for violating the Terms of Use for exploiting the audio refunds system.

Your account has been terminated.

I sent an appeal but it was declined. And I thought I'm not stopping here and made a petition what happened was never intentional it was a glitch by Roblox systems and I've put pretty much all my money into my account and I just can't lose it. Please sign so Roblox can reconsider and it's like all my friends are on there my Roblox friends that I've met and had fun and all those groups that I work for. And I can't just leave it I had a group called Roblox Guest Force and we fought for guests and helped people who didn't have robux and make them happy. So please sign so I can carry on doing what I love by them un banning me.

Thank you 

Hayselden123 :)

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