Stop forcing FilteringEnabled into the Players.

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Stop forcing FilteringEnabled into the Developers, I DON'T  wanna use FilteringEnabled just like many other Developers.

I can script with FilteringEnabled but i don't want to, i made my own security system thats almost perfect and it wont allow most of the exploits to happen, and i was going to spend more time making it better, but then roblox came with another "good" update.

Seriously, stop it. I don't want my games to be laggy as hell. My style of scripting is almost incompatible with FE, and believe me i tried balancing server and client and make it wont lag the server or the client, but it ended up either i lagged the client until i make the client crash, or i lagged the server to the point it took 5 minutes to send a message in chat, Take for example this game i made: it's FilteringEnabled, it works good, but the server has MASSIVE lag.

Now, take for example the sequel for the same game, this time i actually spent my time to make an actual good system for FilteringEnabled, but if too many players are in, your pc will crash for sure.

And that happens because i use lerped anims, which needs to be made with server, because it changes welds and motors C0 and C1, and to work they need to have a small loop until it finish doing the anim, and that lags the server into extreme ways and if it gets taken to client like i did in the sequel it lags the client too. Thats the main reason i can't make my games FE and make them work like i want to. ROBLOX should make lerp able to be done in client side, or make a way to allow client to do changes with FE and you can only allow a script to make changes if you're in studio, but well i don't know about that, but still, i cant make my games work like i want, i hate using the plugin cause the anims are glitchy and they dont act smooth like the lerped ones.

I really hope ROBLOX do something about that.