Roblox: Make it great again!

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Dear Roblox,


We really think that over the past 5 years, Roblox has been dying. The fact that Roblox prices are VERY expensive really shows something about you. You don’t even listen to your players. YOU are the only ones to fix it. I’m counting on you. Every Roblox player is counting on YOU. Do you want to know what happens to games that don't listen to their players? Everybody quits them. The fact that you are doing all this is showing that you are asking every Roblox player to quit. Many Robloxians are criticizing you for all this you do. Just look at all the people trying to get you to add/remove something. Honestly, if 2018 is another bad year, I might uninstall Roblox. You may think: “Oh it’s just 2 people doing it.” If you didn't know, every single day, people are quitting Roblox. I can’t think of any other game that doesn't take feedback. Minecraft takes feedback. Brick Planet takes feedback. Every game takes feedback, except YOU. It’s even starting to get too late. People are already saying: “Alright! It’s time to pack up your bags and move to Minecraft/BrickPlanet.” Another thing is that Roblox prices are VERY expensive. The fact that you can only get 22,500 robux for… 200$ really shows that you just want money. 22,500 robux is nothing compared to the expenses on the catalog. One time, I saw the Dominus Astra at a price of 999,999,999,999,999 robux. That is just childish. And it’s adults making those kinds of ridiculous prices. Another one is players getting banned. 3 famous Roblox YouTubers just got banned recently. All of them for giving robux. The thing you don't realize is that Roblox wouldn't be so big without YouTubers. YouTubers advertise your game. You should be saying thank you to them. Another thing is the censorship. Words that arent even bad like "oder" and "yes" and stuff like that are being censored. Really? Please fix your censorship! I really think you can shape up by 2019. I do. There are so many good things roblox introduced. I feel like its ruined. I believe in you! You can do it roblox!


You have a dedicated community that is hanging by a thread. Many people say you don’t care about your players. Guess what, Roblox? YOU have the power to change this. Roblox has been degrading their game for the past five years, as mentioned in the letter above me. Roblox is no longer what it was once. Several aspects of the game have been removed, many of them very beloved (YOU know what I’m talking about. It starts with a “T”). You are not listening to your players, and doing things that people have practically begged for you not to add/remove. You need to listen to your players before it is too late. You may think to add these things are good for business, and while they ARE, they are hurting your community. You have banned people from doing roblox giveaways. This seems greedy and unfair. There is no way to get robux. This is something you should fix as well. If you add certain things, it will backfire on you. You have been warned, Roblox. And we will not be helping you after March 24th,2019, no, we will not. We have collected data. Note, this is only 13 people. Only 13 peoples opinions. But this is still important. These are still dedicated Robloxians. They need you. We need you, Roblox. Shape up, Roblox. Or we will ship out.


Roblox: We will give you from today, March 24,2018 to March 24, 2019, to fix your act. If not, we quit.

Somebody said an amazing statement that may change your mind: “If you focus on money over customers, you will end up with neither.”

Signed, J.J.S and N.S.H. and 53 others



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