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Get MPotterhead his stuff back!

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MPotterhead's Hacking Story:

On February 4th, 2017, MPotterhead was hacked, I lost 40k worth of limiteds: 

-3x Kuddle E Koala. | 1x Madbot 10000 | 1x Hyperlaser gun | 2x Super happy face and 1x Dog Whisperer

I also lost my group "Modern Salon" with over 12k members | LINK:                    

ROBLOX won't do anything because I already used their "item restoration" program before when I got scammed.                    

Hacker: Broewoe (he got banned) His main (probably - also banned): LogitechPen                   

Anyways, please help me by signing this petition, this will allow me to get my stuff back and show ROBLOX that the community wants a better and more caring ROBLOX.

My statement on this:

No, the only problem I have right now is that someone hacks me and you guys are doing NOTHING about it. Is this how you treat loyal players? I have been on ROBLOX for over 6 years and spent over 200-500 CDN $, I will not accept this, okay I get you have a 1 time thing to restore items, but can't you make an exception, hey I lost my 12k member group which someone is trying to sell and you guys are not doing anything about that, also my 50k limiteds are gone, ROBLOX this shouldn't be a problem, it's not my fault the security at ROBLOX got me hacked, you should be helping me, I'm not spending another 200-500 CDN $ on getting a new account or anything else. This shouldn't be a problem, I have been a loyal customer to your game, all you can do is give me back my belongings, I worked my ass off for the past half a year almost 24/7 on ROBLOX trying to make a successful group, when I finally do, it gets hacked, and you guys are letting the current owner keep the group even when he is breaking rules trying to sell the group, I guess that's fine, what's not is the service right now, don't send me "READ OUR FAQ" because I have read it, and I also think that I, like every player deserves a right to be helped getting back his/her stuff in times of need, especially when it's not his fault. I couldn't have stopped that hacking nor' could I have prevented it, because I did not know it was going to happen.

How I got hacked: I got hacked by a Google Chrome ROBLOX Trading Extension:

I was sleepy at the time and just downloaded it because I wanted to do good trades, etc.        

"There shouldn't be a limit to help someone that got hacked." -MPotterhead       

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